“Thanks for the amazing work, Kelly! You guys are so awesome! I was just talking to my dad about how killer you've been with my case. I'm so happy I decided to go with you.”
“I contacted KVA with an inquiry about a landlord-tenant dispute. I worked with both Kelly Van Aken and Mikayla Gow Kellogg, who are true professionals: they listened closely to my case, made sure they understood all the facts and my objectives, and then thoroughly explained the relevant laws.

KVA offered a free 15-minute phone consultation to understand the basics of my complaint, conducted some research and followed up with clear and detailed email highlighting my options, and then invited me for an in-person consultation. Throughout the process, they were unerringly kind, clear, and thorough in outlining my options and explaining the pros and cons of each alternative. What I most appreciated is that rather than trying to persuade me to choose the resolution option that would most benefit them financially, they were most interested in helping me decide how to best resolve my case and maintain a productive landlord-tenant relationship. I have never encountered such thorough, diligent, and responsive lawyers and I highly recommend contacting KVA about any dispute in their specialty areas.”
“Thank you [Kelly and Mikayla] for all of your amazing help!!! Your professionalism, compassion, and legal knowledge proved invaluable and we will always be grateful.”
“We truly appreciate your efforts, professionalism, and compassion for the situation we faced. Kelly was really on top of things and communicated diligently on every aspect. We knew [we] were in in good hands right from the beginning with [the] first phone consultation. It was great just being heard, when we felt we had nowhere else to go. Our case settle[d] favorable for us, and everything went smoothly, thank you so much!! I highly recommend your team!”
“We can’t say enough good things about Mikayla Gow Kellogg. She took on one of the largest and most powerful landlords in San Francisco (trying to get us, husband-and-wife seniors, to move out of our rent-controlled apartment) ... and beat them decisively! She stopped their harassment, forced them to make repairs, negotiated a significant settlement, and best of all, ensured that we could remain in the apartment we lived in and loved.

Mikayla is very, very smart. Crafty, strategic and tactical, intimidating to adversaries, calm and balanced with clients, she has a wonderful disposition. Mikayla’s an excellent lawyer, a powerful letter writer, negotiator and courtroom litigator. She recently left a big SF firm to form her own partnership; we recommend both Mikayla and her new firm wholeheartedly.

In a nutshell, Mikayla is fabulous, a real winner. She’s tenacious and has heart. She fights for tenants because she cares about people. She’ll be a great advocate for you.”
“I was about to sign a lease, but then decided to contact [KVA] with some questions I had first. I'm so glad I did! Mikayla Gow Kellogg thoroughly looked over the lease and not only was she able to promptly answer all of my questions, she pointed out several issues that I would not have caught otherwise. Because of Mikayla, I was able to successfully negotiate the terms of the lease and resolve issues that could have been a nightmare to deal with later on. She made sure that I understood the steps I needed to take to get what I wanted. Mikayla was knowledgeable, extremely professional and most important, she actually cared. My experience with [KVA] was fantastic! Thank you MIKAYLA GOW KELLOGG!”
“We recently moved to a new apartment in San Francisco. Weeks after moving in we ran into issues after we submitted a reasonable accommodations request for our emotional support animal. Long story short, we hired Kelly to negotiate our rights as tenants with the property management company. After 2 weeks of negotiating, Kelly was able to get us to a settlement that allowed us to stay in our home with our emotional support animal. My fiancé and I were more than impressed with Kelly's professional demeanor, attention to detail and work ethic. Although this was a very stressful time for us, the process was smooth and we had the ideal turnout. We wouldn't have this outcome without her. I would recommend Kelly and her team to anyone looking for representation.”
"I recently referred a landlord tenant matter to Mikayla. The day after I made the referral, the client thanked me for sending her to Mikayla. The client said she was very happy with the immediate response and advice she received. I highly recommend Mikayla and her partners at Kellogg and Van Aken for any landlord tenant issue."
“Highly recommended! [...] I had habitability issues with my apartment. Even after repeated attempts to force my property manager to deal with them, they remained unsolved… Recently [my case] was settled via mediation with a great result… I highly recommend them and their services if you are facing an issue with your property manager or landlord.”
“Thank you for all your help! It was a long journey, and I definitely learned a lot about our judicial system. I will always remember how desperately I waited for our first Skype conversation in Hungary. I emailed three tenant lawyers in California, and only you realized that it was important to talk to me THEN, and not wait until after I return to the US. With gratitude, Gizella”