Greg F

I contacted KVA with an inquiry about a landlord-tenant dispute. I worked with both Kelly Van Aken and Mikayla Gow Kellogg, who are true professionals: they listened closely to my case, made sure they understood all the facts and my objectives, and then thoroughly explained the relevant laws.

KVA offered a free 15-minute phone consultation to understand the basics of my complaint, conducted some research and followed up with clear and detailed email highlighting my options, and then invited me for an in-person consultation. Throughout the process, they were unerringly kind, clear, and thorough in outlining my options and explaining the pros and cons of each alternative. What I most appreciated is that rather than trying to persuade me to choose the resolution option that would most benefit them financially, they were most interested in helping me decide how to best resolve my case and maintain a productive landlord-tenant relationship. I have never encountered such thorough, diligent, and responsive lawyers and I highly recommend contacting KVA about any dispute in their specialty areas.