San Francisco, CA Teacher Sexual Assault Lawyer

We trust teachers to care for our children in our stead and expect high moral behavior from them while in the classroom or when supervising activities. If you’ve noticed the alarming number of teacher sexual assault cases in the news lately, you’re probably shocked and worried. As a victim of teacher sexual abuse or assault, you know all too well how it feels to be humiliated, sad, or worried that no one will believe you. We do. The compassionate San Francisco, CA, teacher sexual assault lawyers from Kellogg & VanAken, LLP represent survivors like you, fighting for justice and to have your voice heard.

What Does a San Francisco Teacher Sexual Assault Lawyer Do?

Children and teens have the right to learn and grow in a safe, protected educational environment. We trust our teachers to protect our children from harm, not inflict it. Sexual assault by a teacher is illegal and immoral. A minor (child under 18) cannot consent to sexual acts, no matter how old they are. A teacher – an adult – abusing their power and hurting a child is wrong. As sexual abuse victim legal representatives, we advocate for you and your child, holding predators accountable for their deeds.

Teacher sexual assault can happen to anyone, boy or girl, and the teacher may be a male or female. You may know the criminal penalties for a teacher assaulting a student, but California also has civil penalties. We can help you explore those rights and demand justice.

Rights For Survivors Of Teacher Sexual Assault

California Civil Code permits victims of teacher sexual assault to file a lawsuit against the teacher who harmed them, seeking compensation for the damages they inflicted. Did you know that you also have the right to file suit against any entity that created conditions that facilitated the assault or who should have prevented it but did not?

You may be able to name the school and the school system as defendants in a lawsuit. It’s their responsibility to ensure that only safe and responsible teachers have access to children and to monitor teachers for indications of abusive behavior.

Our legal team can help you receive the money you deserve to cover the cost of any medical or psychological care you or your child may need after the assault. Although it’s hard to put a dollar value on your pain and suffering, the money you receive can help you pay for treatment to recover or move to a different school district for a safe, fresh start.

Do You Need Help Learning Your Legal Rights?

Have you or your child been a victim of teacher sexual assault? We are on your side and believe in you. We can investigate your case and inform you of your legal options, protecting your privacy at each step. Our personalized and compassionate legal advice can help you find the strength to make the right decisions for your life and pursue the justice you deserve. Contact Kellogg & VanAken, LLP today for a free consultation with an experienced San Francisco teacher sexual assault lawyer.