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When we go to the doctor, we trust that we will be treated well and healed, not abused and harmed. That’s why when a doctor sexually assaults someone, it can be so shocking and shameful. If you’re a victim of sexual abuse from a doctor or other healthcare provider, you don’t have to feel ashamed. You deserve justice, and that offender should be held accountable for the losses and injuries, including humiliation and loss of dignity, that you suffered. A San Francisco, CA, doctor sexual assault lawyer from Kellogg & VanAken, LLP, can help you pursue a lawsuit for compensation. Please call us today for a confidential consultation.

What Is Doctor Sexual Assault?

Doctor sexual assault is inappropriate touching, sexual comments, or penetration unrelated to any medical procedure being performed or requested. Some types of doctor appointments, by nature, are intimate, but licensed physicians and other medical providers have strict codes of ethics to refrain from making unpleasant and unwanted sexual advances toward a patient.

Even comments about the shape of your body, jokes about your dating life, or the like could be considered sexual assault. In some heinous situations, a doctor or healthcare provider may penetrate a patient either while they are unable to consent or through deception. If you’re unsure whether what you experienced was sexual assault, ask one of our San Francisco doctor sexual assault lawyers.

How Can A San Francisco Doctor Sexual Assault Lawyer Help Me?

Finding the right sexual assault claim attorney means finding someone you can trust, someone compassionate about your experience yet tenacious and knowledgeable enough to fight hard for your rights. That’s what our legal team does, from your initial free case review through the settlement or trial.

Your attorney can determine what type of sexual assault occurred and the value of your case, considering both your financial losses and compensation for the trauma and humiliation of the event. They can also complete all related legal paperwork to move your case forward, including the initial lawsuit and any legal motions.

We negotiate a fair settlement with the other side and advocate for you in court, ensuring that your dignity is preserved even during the most challenging parts of the case.

Protecting Your Rights

Not every doctor is a healer. Some are predators that must be held accountable. You have the right to speak up and have your voice heard after a sexual assault, and we can help.

Doctor sexual assault can happen to anyone – man or woman, old or young. Don’t be afraid to come forward and seek help because you’re afraid no one will listen. We listen, and we care.

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Our legal team is dedicated to preserving your dignity throughout the legal claims process. We listen to your story and are on your side, protecting your interests and advocating for you against the party that harmed you. We fight to ensure that you receive full and fair compensation for all your injuries, including the trauma of the assault. Contact us today for a free consultation.