Jamie C.

We can’t say enough good things about Mikayla Gow Kellogg. She took on one of the largest and most powerful landlords in San Francisco (trying to get us, husband-and-wife seniors, to move out of our rent-controlled apartment) … and beat them decisively! She stopped their harassment, forced them to make repairs, negotiated a significant settlement, and best of all, ensured that we could remain in the apartment we lived in and loved.

Mikayla is very, very smart. Crafty, strategic and tactical, intimidating to adversaries, calm and balanced with clients, she has a wonderful disposition. Mikayla’s an excellent lawyer, a powerful letter writer, negotiator and courtroom litigator. She recently left a big SF firm to form her own partnership; we recommend both Mikayla and her new firm wholeheartedly.

In a nutshell, Mikayla is fabulous, a real winner. She’s tenacious and has heart. She fights for tenants because she cares about people. She’ll be a great advocate for you.